Types of Swimming Pool Fences

pool fencingA swimmer pool needs to be safe and secure but it is also needs to look great and work in with the design of your home. It is also important to keep in mind that depending on where you live it will need to comply with your local council legislation’s.

Pool fences can be done of mesh, chain link or other metal barrier. These fences offer an open structure which allows for proper circulation of air as well as allows adults to monitor the kids in the pool. These fences should be properly painted to offer them defense against dampness as rust can be a real problem with these fences.

The white picket fence is an iconic fence and still makes a great pool fence option. These fences match well with backyards and landscapes and can be of any colour as they are easy to paint. You can also get a very similar style to these picket type fences in aluminium, this offers you a pool fence that may be maintenance free, as well as providing an increased degree of security.

You can even install ornamental fences manufactured from wrought iron or metal tubes or some other material to greatly improve the looks of your pool. These fences may be eye-catching and add a lot of elegance into a landscape. One of the most poplar choices recently is for fences made from clear toughened glass or Perspex. These can be framed or for a touch of class you can have them frameless. They provide feelings of openness while still providing the necessary safety.

There are a huge range of other options such as brushwood. To talk to a professional about what type of fence suits your style and budget contact the professionals at Pool Fencing Sydney.

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