The Benefit Of A Slate Roof

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If you are considering purchasing a home with a slate roof, and do not know anything about slate roofs, then this article intends to give you some brief information about the benefits and draw backs of a slate roof.

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As discussed in other articles on this site, buying a home is a big decision and is the biggest purchase of your life. This means you need to be thorough in your assessment and know what your spending your money on. Slate roofs are considerably expensive and if you’re looking at a home with a slate roof installed, then this can only increase it’s value.

Slate roofs are beautiful and most people love that natural stone look and the natural colours. Compared to other roofs, a slate roof really looks good and you will impress your friends and family with a slate roof. Secondly, a slate roof is very long lasting. Some would say a slate roof can last up to 150 years with the proper installation and maintenance and often can outlast the building they’re fitted too. You can beat that.

A slate roof provides excellent insulation because of the natural properties of the stone. This contributes to the benefits of a slate roof by decreasing the cooling and heating energy requirements thereby decreasing the costs to cool and heat. It adds to creating a very comfortable environment within your home.

Slate roofs are also fireproof, which can add to your bushfire prevention strategy if applicable. Sydney is prone to bushfires and anything that helps in a bushfire has to be an advantage.

Slate roofing in Sydney is quite popular and can be found in many of the older suburbs and more affluent suburbs. There are many roofing companies in Sydney but not too many who are experienced with slate roofs. One of the drawbacks of slate roofs is that they require specialised roofers to install and work on them. This makes finding a tradesmen to do any work a little bit tougher.

Slate Roofing Sydney only work on slate roofs and no other types of roofs. This is because that is their speciality and what they are qualified in. A slate roof requires different tools and is specialised enough to prevent ordinary roofers working on them.

Apart from their cost, another drawback of a slate roof is their weight. They are very heavy and require the supporting roof structure to be reinforced correctly to handle the additional weight. This can add to the cost of installing a slate roof.

So if you’re looking at buying a home with a slate roof, consider it’s value to the property. A slate roof is worth a considerable amount of money and can only add value to the property as a whole. This will help in resale as well.

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