Cooling a Sun Room

sun room air conditioningOne of the pleasures of having a beautiful home is the option of having a divine sun room that you can spend your time in. However one of the greatest challenges with a sun room is how to cool and heat it efficiently.

Here we take a look at some of the best options and challenges.

One of the best things about the sun room is the beautiful view. This is because of the ample amount of glass. The problem however wit glass is that it is terrible to insulate. This is main problem to keeping the room temperate.

Tradition heating and cooling solutions are not effective as the focus primarily on providing a comfortable temperature for the entire house. Taking a more specialized approach when attempting to heat and cool a sunroom is the best solution, this is mainly due to the lack of thermal insulation.

There are multiple options that are focused on the heating and cooling of a single room. These vary greatly in cost and resources and will vary greatly depending on which country and climate you live in.

Simple sun room cooling / heating tips

  • Close the curtains and/or blinds
  • Keep your A/C unit clean and efficient
  • Set the thermostat accordingly
  • Consider ceiling fans
  • Close or open doors depending on your needs
  • Open windows and vents as needed

For more Air Conditioning and Heating options see your local specialist.

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