How To Clean Your Roof

Cleaning a roof

A dirty roof is not just an eyesore but the grime and debris can cause damage. It is therefore essential to clean your roof regularly. There are a variety of different methods that can be used, some of which are more effective than others depending on the extent and type of dirt that needs to be cleaned off.

Moss, algae and mold can be problematic as can black stains that are caused by water runoff. While many roof cleaning experts will tell you that a pressure sprayer is the way to go to resolve all of these problems, this is not actually the ideal way to clean a roof. A pressure sprayer can be very damaging removing the granules from your shingles or tiles and even lifting the tiles clear off the roof.

It is therefore better to select the right cleaning detergent for the job and use the correct cleaning technique depending on the type of dirt that exists on your roof. There are a range of different chemical detergents that are designed specifically to clean roofs. However, some are better than others and it is best to select a cleaner that comes highly recommended for a specific type of problem.

Follow the instructions on the bottle or simply mix up a solution and spray directly onto the roof. Leave the chemicals to work. There is no need to rinse – the next rain will take care of that. For really dirty roofs, use a broom to scrub it and loosen up the dirt after applying the chemicals and giving them time to work.

In extreme cases, a high pressure washer may be the only option. It is recommended to use the washer after giving a chemical roof cleaner some time to work and set it on the lowest pressure setting. This may mean that it could take a little longer to clean your roof but it will save you some damage in the long run as well as ensure that the job is done right.

Alternatively, you can hire a roof cleaning expert to take care of the job for you. The professionals in the industry have all the right tools and equipment to get the job done fast and the know-how to use the right technique and cleaning agent to ensure an effective cleaning solution. Remember to get references or referrals to ensure that the contractor is reliable, reputable and won’t cause damage to the roof resulting in leaks and other problems.

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What Are The Major Advantages Of A Home Roof Replacement?

There are many advantages to roof replacement, but it has to be time. Replacing a roof before it is time isn’t a good idea. Yet you don’t want to wait too long either, as there can be all kinds of problems that arise. Is it time to start looking at putting a new roof on your home?

A new roof will better protect your home, and it will also increase the value of your home. It will look better than your old roof, too. In theory, it’s never a bad idea to put a new roof on a home, but you want to get your money’s worth out of your existing roof.

Homeowners have quite a few responsibilities, and that means operating on a home maintenance budget. Replacing a roof yearly sounds absurd, right? Just like you wouldn’t want to replace a roof yearly, you wouldn’t want to replace it every five years, ten years or anytime before it needs to be replaced. The replacement decision should be based on the warranty of the roof and the condition of the roof.

You want the roof to remain in good condition for the duration of the warranty, if not longer. That is why roof maintenance is so important, and of course you want roof repairs to be made in a timely manner as well. In this case, do you need to make roofing repairs, or is it time for a roof replacement? You can always get a professional opinion so that you know what your next move should be.

If it is time for roof replacement, there are definitely advantages as mentioned. A new roof is a whopper of an investment, and you want to make sure that you are making the best decision. You also have to decide what type of roof you want and which company is going to handle the replacement. Have you already decided who you want to call about roof replacement?

There are times in which home repairs seem like they will break the budget. It’s not easy coming up with the money for a new roof, but when it’s time, it’s time. You can make it happen, and you’re going to enjoy being able to count on a new roof protecting your home. It’s going to look nice, and it’s going to last for quite a long time. Start planning out this new roof that you are going to put on your home.

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Benefits Of Roof Shingles

what is a roof shingleIf you are thinking about redoing your roof or trying to figure out what materials to use for a brand new one, you will want to consider roof shingles. Roof shingles are an excellent option for anyone that is looking for a versatile roofing material solution. Below, we will be going over some of the benefits of roof shingles. If you need professional roofing advice see the team at Roof Restoration Penrith.

Benefits Of Roof Shingles:

1. Affordable.

One of the main benefits of this as a roofing material of choice would be its level of affordability. With roof shingles, you are going to get an affordable option that you wouldn’t get with other materials. Because they have been around in the marketplace for so long, manufacturers have nailed down and streamlined the process so much that you are going to be able to find and acquire shingles for a great price.

2. Ease of Installation.

Another significant benefit that comes with shingles is the ability to have them installed easily. A qualified roofing contractor should be able to install them without any issues.

3. Design Versatility.

Because they are available in just about any color that you could possibly want and because they can be produced to simulate other kinds of materials, you should be able to use roof shingles as an affordable alternative to other materials that might be much more expensive and hard to acquire.

4. Good Level Of Durability.

Another good thing that comes with roof shingles is the fact that they are extremely durable. You can find shingles that have a high wind threshold which means that you should be able to get some that can withstand heavy winds that you might experience around your home.

5. Weather Resistant.

Because they are rigorously tested and because they are excellent at withstanding even high winds and rain, they are a great option for those that are looking for a weather resistant and cost effective solution to their roofing needs.

Overall, roof shingles are one of the best ways to go if you are looking for one of the best roofing materials that are not going to cost you a significant amount. Not only are they cost effective, but they provide excellent all-around value because they will allow you to be able to get a durable roofing build without having to shell out a lot of money that you would normally have to in order to get one that is not only durable but good looking.

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Factors to Consider in A Roof When Purchasing A Residence

Before you purchase an existing property, there is a host of things that you need to get checked out before you sign the contract. One of these is the condition of the roof. It is a wise idea to get a professional such as the ones from Roof Restoration South Adelaide to inspect the roof and do a full report on its condition. Roof repairs can be costly and in the worst-case scenarios a full roof replacement may be required which is extremely expensive. Here are a few key points to be aware of:

Drainage – Buyers have to be careful concerning this as it can end up being a major expense once the purchase is created. Be smart and be aware of the way the drainage system works. Make sure to check the condition of the gutters and downpipes as well as to take note if there is any build-up in the or rust spots. Wet patches on the eaves is also a good sign that there may be an issue.

Leaks – This is an excellent tip to have at the back of your brain as a lot of people need to deal with leaks down the road. You want to see if you will find holes in the roof or cracked tiles and whether these holes will let water in. Your roof inspection should clearly highlight this issue if it exists.

Structure – The underlying structure that supports the roof is often the costliest to replace. Make sure that the inspection is also down in the roof space to assess if there is any problems such as wood root or termite damage.

Material – Knowing what your roof is made out of will affect its care and potentially effect how much it will cost to keep it in good condition. For example, a slate roof lasts an extremely long time but if it is close to the end of its lifespan it is also very costly to replace. Some common types of roofing material are slate, metal, tile and shingles.

This assessment should also include looking at the drainage pipes, gutters, and downspouts. It will help you to comprehend the drainage system’s health and if there will be any work required to any part of your roofing system.

If you have identified any work that is required you can then take that into the price negotiation for the purchase of the property.

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3 Common Solar Panel Issues

Are you considering adding solar panels to your home? Thanks to the environmental movement, going green to help preserve the environment is more popular today than ever for. One way that has really taken off in recent years thanks to advancements in technology that homeowners interested in conservation have adopted is using solar panels. The solar panel industry has really taken off, and can be an excellent way for homeowners to cut their fossil fuel use, but they don’t come without drawbacks. Keep reading below to learn about three common problems you can expect with solar panels.

Because of the recent explosion in solar panel use, you might think solar energy is a recent phenomenon, but it’s actually been around for decades. However, it is only recently become viable and relatively affordable for the average homeowner, thanks to advancements in technology. Despite these advancements, there are still some issues with solar panels that still haven’t been worked out yet. One of those is energy storage.

Solar panels are used to convert sunlight into energy that is then stored in batteries. The energy in these batteries is then used to power the devices in your home. While we have come a long way in battery technology, our ability to store solar energy is still quite limited. That makes relying on solar energy exclusively troublesome, especially for the average homeowner who probably cannot afford to invest in huge battery stacks capable of storing the amount of energy necessary to get them through periods of time when access to sunlight may be limited. While this isn’t a problem with solar panels themselves, it is a problem nonetheless. A problem that can be tied to solar panels as hotspots.

Hotspots are sections of solar panels that tend to overload and get hot. This is typically due to poor soldering and structural defects in the solar panel cells in that spot. Over time, hotspots will reduce the efficiency of the panel and will likely shorten its lifespan as well. Considering how expensive solar panels are, you want them to last as long as possible to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Another issue that is common with solar panels is birds. Many homeowners with solar panels attached to their roofs have noticed birds and other animals like to build nests in and around the panels. Any type of animal activity on or around solar panels can damage them, which will result in poor performance. This performance can be affected by something as minor as bird droppings covering the panels. If birds, especially pigeons, tend to frequent the roofs of homes in your area, this could be an issue for you, so be sure you have some way to keep birds away before installing your panels.

It’s a new world, and more and more people opt to go the solar energy route every day. Before you make the leap and have solar panels installed on your roof, be sure to take the issues mentioned above into consideration and be prepared to deal with them should they come up for you.

For all your solar panel and roofing need visit Roof Restoration Narre Warren

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A Guide On How To Clean Your Tile Roof

A Guide On How To Clean Your Tile Roof

Your roof is what protects your home from the elements such as heat, sun, snow, wind and rain. For this reason, your roof needs maintenance and care. Synthetic, metal, and concrete tile roofs are meant to last for around 50 years, while the clay tiles have the potential to last for 100 years or more. However, general wear-and-tear and constant exposure to the elements can decrease the life-span and longevity of your roof.

Regular maintenance along with cleaning is one of the ways to ensure the condition of your roof, while other benefits from conducting regular cleaning will include:

The aesthetic value- mildew, stains and moss can accumulate as time goes by, which upsets the overall appearance of your home. Regular cleaning makes sure your roof looks attractive, new and clean.

A way to discover damages earlier- even minor damages have the potential to result in problems that are more serious such as mold spores and mildew, drafts and leaks. These issues can result in costing you a lot of money in repairs. Regular cleaning uncovers damages as early as possible.

Your Step By Step Guide For Cleaning Your Tile Roof

Cleaning your tile roof is an easy task, provided you are using the right materials and tools. Here are the steps to follow:

The First Power Wash

Use a pressure washer to wash the surface of the roof, using the water to remove the debris and visible dirt, including twigs, dead insects and leaves. Work your way from the ridge moving downwards towards your gutters. Allow the roof to dry completely.

Chemical Treatment

Set the pressure washer on a lower psi and spray a cleaning solution over your dry roof. This allows the chemicals to seep and absorb into the tile. Allow the solution to stand for a while.


Dependent on what chemicals you use and the stains and moss build-up that needs to be removed, the rinsing process is usually the more strenuous step of cleaning a tile roof. Use strong pressure to remove stubborn stains and dirt. Start at the top moving down your roof.

Clean The Gutters

After rinsing, you can now focus on the gutters. Remove all debris and dirt that collects in the gutters and check on any damages.

Repaint And Reseal

Once you are satisfied that your roof is damage-free and clean, prime, followed by re-applying a sealant to protect your roof from exposure to the elements. Visit Roof Restoration Brisbane for more roofing tips.

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How tile roofs can save you money

roof tiles

Roof tiles are a great way to boast the appearance and possibly even the value of your house but they can actually help to save you money as well.

Firstly, lets have a quick look at exactly what roof tiles are. Roof tiles comes in can be made of clay, ceramic or concrete. You can find tiles of numerous colours and shapes and that provides plenty of architectural possibilities. A few of the clay or terracotta tiles might have glazed finishes which make the roof better equipped to resist moisture and dampness, they are also very durable and they will never rot or rust.

Roof tiles do need a solid framework for support and under this there is a large open space that is for airflow. One of the easiest ways to make your home more energy efficient is to have roof insulation installed. There are many options when it comes to insulation which we won’t go to deeply into here but you can have a look at building insulation on Wikipedia here.

This brings us to the real trick with tile roofs. They can be painted. I know it sounds simple but it makes a huge difference in how sun reflective your roof is and how energy efficient your home is. There has been some amazing advances in paint technology and we are seeing some fantastic paints that a both long lasting and solar reflective. You can talk to a roof restoration specialist for more information to whether your home is suited to having its roof painted.

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