A Proper Design Of a Bathroom

Designing a bathroom is no great achievement, as long as you are clear as to the needs of the people who will be using this facility. If you are building a new home, you can, of course, be more creative and lavish in your design.

designing a bathroom

But if you need to design an existing bathroom, the first thing you have to take into consideration is the space that you have, and the existing facilities and plumbing. If you feel you need to increase the space, you will have to look at the possibility of taking in adjacent areas, that can then reduce usability elsewhere. Another way to create more space is to relook at things like existing bathtubs or other spaces that are not being fully utilized. When you are taking in additional areas you will have to think of how you will create the extra plumbing that is necessary, provide proper waterproofing, etc. The new space must also have its own access to ventilation and light, or you may have to consider things like exhaust fans and light tunnels.

The use of the bathroom and its required functions must be properly understood before you design the bathroom. Some people are comfortable dressing inside a bathroom, and if this is one of its intended uses, you will have to find space in your design for an area that will not get wet, and you may also need to provide some closet space for the clothes that need to be worn. Some families have no problems of more than one person using the bathroom at the same time, but if this is required you will have to look at free space for moving around and yet having some element of privacy so that the facilities can be used without any great inconvenience or embarrassment.

A design for a bathroom must look at countertops, vanities, linen cupboards. It also needs to consider requirements for light and ventilation so that its use is comfortable. The use of mirrors to give a feeling of space must not be overdone, though its limited use can do wonders for a bathroom. A proper design will also take into consideration the budget required as lavish designs and designer fittings can cost quite a lot, and you must be prepared for any expenditure so that the final design is implemented in all ways. If you are forced to postpone any particular part due to lack of funds, the bathroom will look incomplete and may also not be completely usable.

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