The Pros Of Epoxy Floors

Epoxy floorFloors are something that many people do not pay close attention to unless there is something wrong with them even though they are essential parts of any structure. Considering that floors play a crucial role in workday safety and productivity, it is vital that you take the time to consider the type of flooring you have installed in your facility and its impact.

When flooring your business, it goes without saying that you want something that is dependable and which makes financial sense to have installed. One such option is an epoxy floor. But what is epoxy exactly? It is a material that acts as a concrete floor sealant and can be used on walkways, commercial building floors, ceilings and walls, and most often in garage floors. There is a reason why epoxy is one of the most preferred commercial flooring sealants on the market, and here is a look at some of the pros of having an epoxy floor.

Appearance: Compared to other floors, epoxy floors look professional and are much brighter. Their even, smooth surfaces are easy to maintain and sweep, and their appearance alone makes them quite enticing to use. Since there is not much that sticks on epoxy flooring, cleaning up messes is relatively easy.

Affordability: The cost of epoxy floors per square foot is tough to beat compared to what other types of flooring cost. Since epoxy can be installed directly over different flooring types, including concrete, installation is a bit cheaper than other options. The cost of installing an epoxy floor remains to be one of the most significant and most immediate pros of working with epoxy flooring.

Resistance: Epoxy is highly resistant to almost everything – gasoline, oil, cleansers, transmission fluids, bleach, acid, and so much more. It is this quality that makes it one of the most commonly used floorings in the automotive industry. Apart from being able to withstand cleansers, epoxy floors are also water and heat-resistant. Chemical spills aren’t an issue for epoxy floors as they are almost impervious to them. Furthermore, epoxy floors are also germ and bacteria-resistant, and are, therefore, very easy to clean and sanitize. This is why this flooring option is an excellent choice for clinics and hospitals.

Durability: Epoxy is distinctly valued for its durability as it has a longer lifespan than a majority of other flooring types. Concrete is the only that can beat it, but only if it has been properly sealed and is well maintained. When used to coat a concrete floor, an epoxy coating renders the floor almost indestructible.

Safety: This is probably one of the lesser-known pros of having an epoxy floor coating applied to the floor at your place of work. Epoxy floors reflect light off the floor, something that will help enhance visibility inside your practice, garage, or workshop.

These are some of the pros of having an epoxy floor. For more on epoxy flooring, consult Epoxy Floors Sunshine Coast for advice and guidance.

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